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Personalized Cause Awareness Products

Welcome to Personalized Cause

Welcome to Personalized Cause, your premier source for awareness ribbons, fabric cancer ribbons, lapel pins, car magnets and KNOW MORE® wristbands! We pride ourselves on supplying affordable, high-quality cause awareness products to institutions and private individuals all over the world. We provide a wide array of cancer ribbons and pins, as well as awareness merchandise that supports medical, social, and psychological causes.

Not only do we support a full rainbow of 950+ causes with our wearable awareness products including cancer ribbons that can be worn during cancer awareness months, we also offer personalization on cloisonné jewelry lapel pins and car magnets so that you can educate, uplift and inspire in the name of a loved one and the cause closest to your heart.  Please check our Cancer Awareness Month Calendar that shows a wide arange of cancer ribbon colors.

In addition, our trained specialists are happy to help you create custom, impactful, corporate-branded cause awareness gifts and promotional products that will make a statement at your next charity event. We excel in providing both organizations and families the tools they need to get the best end result from their next fundraiser!  Breast cancer awareness month in October, for example, provides a great opportunity to purchase breast cancer ribbons in bulk that can then be resold to raise funds for charity.

Plus, if you want to reach an even bigger audience, we'll work with you to produce a bulk order that will help capture the large-scale market you need to engage. And because we’re so passionate about our products and the good that a cause awareness ribbon brings to the world, we even offer discounts to any group supporting a cause worth believing in, or a family struggling to pay staggering medical bills. Minimum orders apply, but our goal is and always has been, to be that stepping stone to the top for those who strive to make this world a better place.

Order now or Contact Us today, and let us help you take the next step in creating a better tomorrow. 

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