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Welcome to Personalized Cause

Welcome to Personalized Cause, your premier source for awareness ribbons, lapel pins, magnets, KNOW MORE wristbands, and all cancer ribbon colors. We pride ourselves on supplying superior quality wearable awareness ribbons to institutions of support and private individuals at an affordable price.

In 2001, a family's life was changed forever when they discovered that their loved one had been living with lupus, a little-known autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the body's own healthy cells. Though they banded together in this dark time, finding support outside of their home was often a shot in the dark. Millions of people struggle with lupus each day, and yet, resources for support and solidarity were hard to come by.

It was from this adversity that Personalized Cause was established with a strong mission in mind: To help others with their own personal causes, big and small, to emerge from the darkness and find the supportive community they need to triumph in times of strife. We know firsthand the heartache, doubt, and desperation that can occur on the long road to finding a cure or solution. Our goal is to help fill the voids of that journey with vibrant color, and the encouraging light of love and support.

We are proud to support the full spectrum of causes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We offer personalization on our jewelry-quality cloisonné lapel pins and awareness ribbon car magnets, so you can add a special touch to the cause you hold close to your heart.

Our specialists are happy to help your organization in creating impactful, custom, corporate-branded gifts and promotional products that are sure to make a splash at your next corporate charity event. We excel in providing organizations and families just like yours with the tools they need to get the best end result from their next fundraiser.

If your next event aims to reach a bigger audience, we'll work with you to produce a bulk order that helps you reach the large-scale market you know you have the potential to engage. We even offer discounts to any groups who are helping to support a cause worth believing in, or struggling to pay staggering medical bills. Minimum orders apply, but our goal is to be a stepping stone to the top for those who strive to make this world a better place.

Our pins, ribbons, and KNOW MORE wristbands have aided national and international charities, as well as local chapters of organizations, families, and other communities in bringing further support to their causes. We specialize in breast cancer awareness ribbons and other cancer awareness ribbons, but offer the full rainbow of social causes and awareness products.

In our hearts, we know what you know: Even a single loved one affected by illness is too many. No cause is too small to be worth garnering a community of support and taking steps towards a cure. Every family deserves a glimmer of hope, and the comfort of knowing that you and your loved ones do not stand alone in the face of adversity.

Reach out to us today, by phone or by email, and let us help you take the next step in creating a better tomorrow.

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